Inside Out – review

Stock-phrase alert; this is the lesser-spotted Conceptual Coup — an animation serving as both character drama and extended metaphor that captures a child’s inner turmoil when confronted with change. Dense with ideas but never confusing, it eschews the meta-questions its premise invites by micro-worldbuilding with an uncommon clarity, and by dazzling us with its irrepressible Pixar charm. That means sparkling animation, an indelible score and some brilliant jokes (including a mum-dad gag for the ages). It also means a vibrant, if familiar, voice cast. Amy Poehler’s turn as Joy borders on Americanist mania at times, but weightier grounding is never far away — her arc, and that of the child, culminates in the most humbling of dĂ©nouements. Unless you’ve had your emotions surgically removed, this is a must-see.



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