Jumanji: The Next Level – review

Threatened to subsist on the odd decent joke – smouldering intensity got me – and I briefly got onboard with its first act adventureering. But threaten is all it did. The usual shortcomings apply, but then the popcorn package is a simple formula half-baked often. Pace, lacking. Wit, sparing. Content, manifestly insufficient. Throw in your vacuum-packed action-effects-set piece finale, hastily arranged “meaning” scenes, and a villain who has to be there for, villain commitments? Voila, 21st century blockbuster we have a made. Just not a particularly good one. To offer a more practical conclusion, I can report that kids were pleasantly diverted in my screening. It’s also, cc J.J. Abrams, not the worst megabux movie currently in cinemas. So there’s that.


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