Offering up my own brand of terse, perceptive, sometimes even witty, film criticism into the cacophony of tastemaking voices. I hope mine cuts through the murky mass of Rotten Tomato-swamped movie media that you the viewer have to navigate, and proves to be entertaining, insightful, and ultimately useful to whomever stumbles across it. Here’s a sampler of what you can expect.

Collated under Film Reviews is a library of every review I’ve posted to date, ordered alphabetically. Alternatively, for those who like to live life on the edge, you can scroll below to read each in the all-but random order I posted them. All-but random because what I choose to watch isn’t beholden to anything beyond what’s currently out (which is some) and what I haven’t seen (which is lots). I trust you’ll file yourselves accordingly. Enjoy the show.

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